Awesome experience here! I came in for a routine exam and clean. I explained my gums were bleeding and they educated me on the proper practice of flossing my teeth, using a waterpik and Sonicare. Its been a few months and gums are healing great! Everyone is super knowledgeable and took time to answer questions I had.

Orchid Fiber

I have been coming to the dental spa for a few years now, and it still continues to provide me with the most enjoyable experience at the dentist that I have had. I don’t dive deep into the spa amenities, but even so, the experience ends up being as relaxing as a teeth cleaning can be! Additionally, their precautions during the pandemic have kept me feeling safe.

Andy Phillips

I have a lot of anxiety with dentists due to some bad experiences when I was younger and this is the first place I’ve actually looked forward to visiting. I’ve been fighting some gum issues for a long time and the team here is so incredibly attentive and helpful. I’ve received a lot of great advice and help and feel I’ve started making good progress. The experience here is relaxing and comforting. I hope they’re able to bring back some of the nice extras like paraffin wax and cooling masks that went away due to covid but the quality of the dental work keeps me incredibly happy none the less.

George Shank

I’ve been going to Dental Spa for about 5 years now and they never disappoint. Service is excellent, professional interactions are friendly and informative, the ambiance of the offices is serene and spa like. Currently no paraffin hand wax and face massages during the procedures but as someone who has had it before, I can attest to that little bonus really going above and beyond just like the spa itself. There are massage chairs in the waiting room and everything is great. Who wants to go to a dentist? Nobody! But with Dental Spa, I’m here for it. I love how they’ve really elevated the experience to be delightful!

Daisy Phillips